Our facilitation services

Relatively little evangelizing in Europe, facilitation is a practice that could benefit from being better known. It literally aims at making things easier. Facilitation improves the teams working dynamics. The consultant facilitator supports the creativity, commitment and effectiveness of working groups and accompanies them to help them achieve their goals.

Facilitation is a tool at the crossroads of several disciplines, such as project management, change management, skills and knowledge management. It is a non-standardized approach using a variety of methods and frame of references.

As all the approaches used by SeeThrough, it is an accompaniment inspired by several disciplines, innovative, tailor-made, centered on the human and fundamentally transversal.

In an increasingly uncertain and complex environment, there are problems that only collective intelligence can solve, which is why organizations have never needed as many processes to facilitate team work.

The consultant facilitator accompanies groups in their reflection and creates conditions for a fruitful collaboration to allow teams to co-elaborate sustainable solutions:

  • Planning meetings and clarificating objectives
  • Listening, synthesizing, clarifying and integrating information
  • Creating a participatory and open environment suitable for the emergence of questions
  • Putting into perspective and establishing links and connexions
  • Managing conflicts and negative emotions to make them constructive
  • Encouraging divergent opinions
  • Restituting information to the group.

For companies, facilitation can be a valuable tool in many areas, for example:

  • Supporting strategic issues and projects
  • Federating around a common vision
  • Facilitating cross-cutting projects
  • Limiting resistance to change
  • Energize collaboration
  • Empowering teams
  • Improve the effectiveness of the working meetings.

Facilitating is giving back meaning, it is instilling a wind of innovation in the practices of teams and their managers.

Facilitating is to develop autonomy and empower by stimulating creativity.

Facilitating is putting competencies beyond the hierarchical structure, to leverage free expression and positive confrontation of ideas to break the beaten track and right-thinking opinions.

Facilitating is repositioning passion and playing at the center of learning and group problem solving activities.