Are you willing to settle your company in Switzerland?

Are you considering to set up an establishment in Switzerland? We accompany you in all steps to create your Swiss company. Thanks to our network of partners, administrative and tax formalities are simplified and accelerated. We guarantee unrivaled speed and responsiveness, as well as very competitive prices.

Settling in Switzerland

Because a structure is nothing without the vital forces that make it up, we identify for you the competent and trustworthy people able to ensure the conduct of your operations. Finally, we help you to set up the working procedures and the systems necessary for the smooth running of your activities.

Quickly give yourself the means to match your ambitions!

SeeThrough is simple, it is your "turnkey" Swiss company, ready to operate, without hassles, delays and the extra costs which generally go together.

Our support services for companies settling in Switzerland

  • Support for the formalities of creation and company hosting (a single dedicated advisor and an access to an extensive network of qualified partners including notaries, lawyers, bankers, financial advisors, accountants and insurers).
  • Research and selection of trusted personnel to conduct operations (directors).
  • Research and selection of personnel, including salesforce and technicians.
  • Implementation of software solutions for business management.
  • Work procedures design and improvement.
  • BackOffice outsourcing (Finance, Human Resources, administration).
  • Delegation of specialized consultants to accompany you in the launch of your activities (transition managers, shared salesforce and strategic advisors).