Our ad hoc consulting services

Reputable consulting firms are working today based on fully codified and documented best practices. A consultant working for one of the big Four can refer to a very rich documentation if he has to conduct a consulting project. Each step is described in a standardized procedure. Each reference document is made available in the form of a model and illustrated by examples corresponding to each industrial vertical. Thus, a project will be conducted in exactly the same way as it takes place in Shanghai or Geneva. The identity of the consultant will in principle have no effect on the quality of the work provided.

This way of operation has many positive aspects. It ensures the coherence of international interventions in different entities of the same group or of a multinational. It guarantees the preservation of a long-standing know-how. It centralizes knowledge. It allows employees to quickly access and limit errors through quality electronic document management.

Thanks to a structured and fully documented methodology, the large consulting firms can use poorly experienced consultants. Indeed, a procedure is so detailed that it no longer requires, in theory, high-end skills to be applied. It is therefore very common to find junior consultants in the field always using the same ingredients to achieve what looks like the same recipe.

By using procedures that leave no room for the specificity of each company, large firms deprive themselves of any plasticity capacity in relation to the needs of their customers. The approach is as rigid as it is rigorous. Cooking does not invariably defrost the same food conditioned under vacuum. The expertise and experience of the cook is valuable to let him know if the prepared dish is delicious to consume, or if a problem occurred during the preparation. In the same way, a long-standing experience in different industries, a capacity to question the agreed assumptions, are necessary for the conduct of quality advice interventions.

The best tools available to everyone

SeeThrough integrates in its consulting approach the recognized tools used by the biggest firms, provided that they are relevant to the specific context of your company.

A cross-cutting vision and seasoned experts

SeeThrough consultants are highly qualified experts with experience in the creation / management of a company and a transversal vision.

The SeeThrough approach: ad hoc consulting, absolute plasticity in relation to your needs

The Seethrough approach is based on an ad hoc approach to consulting. An intervention is entirely tailor-made and corresponds to a situation, a given use, a time and a specific place.