Are you an expanding company? 

We advise you and accompany you over the long term, in order to allow you to develop your activities in all serenity and to concentrate on your core business.

It's time for you to give your activities a whole new dimension!

Our new methodology is divided into three strategic stages: 360° audit, ad hoc consulting and change facilitation : 360° audit, le ad hoc consulting and change facilitation.

360° audit

SeeThrough has set up an innovative audit framework that provides a vision at 360° of the company. This repository is built with the general management when defining the scope of intervention. It is entirely adapted to the specific context.

Ad hoc consulting

The SeeThrough approach is based on an ad hoc approach to consulting. An intervention is entirely tailor-made and corresponds to a situation, a given use, a time and a specific place.


Facilitation is a tool at the crossroads of several disciplines such as project management, change management, skills management and knowledge management. It is an accompaniment inspired by several disciplines, innovative, tailor-made, human-centered and fundamentally transversal.

Types of interventions for scale-ups and expanding companies

  • Research and selection of key talent: highly qualified personnel (individuals and performing teams), experts, salespeople and trainers.
  • Search for key strategic partners: business and financial partners.
  • Conduct of transformation and continuous improvement projects.
  • Capture, optimization and standardization of working procedures.
  • Reorganization, facilitation and change management.
  • Digitalization and computer automation (ERP, BPM, CRM, GED).
  • Outsourcing of business processes (HR, finance, administration).
  • Performance management, dynamization of collaboration, resolution of organizational dysfunctions.